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Regulations on the International Junior Contest-Festival of Classical Dance “Grand Prix Kyiv 2020”

  • Main conditions of the competition-festival

    International competition-festival Grand Prix Kyiv 2020 and gala-concert of laureates and diplomants will be held on March 9 – 11 in Kyiv on the stage of the National Opera of Ukraine. The main
    purposes of the competition are development of creative connections between choreographic teams and performers from different Ukrainian regions and abroad, strengthening of professional and creative connections necessary for
    future creation and prosperity of choreographic art.

    The contest gives its participants and their teachers a unique opportunity:

    • exchange of professional experience
    • revealing of the most gifted young dancers in order to develop their creative potential
    • improvement of professional training of choreographic educational institutions in Ukraine
    • сpromotion of development of choreography for children and enriching connections of Ukrainian specialized schools with world leading dance schools
    • expansion and updating of the forms of aesthetic education of children and youth, development of traditions of classical ballet and unification of achievements in the development of modern trends in choreography
  • Terms of the competition-festival
    1. The procedure for filing in the application form to participate in the contest. The composition of the participants
      1. The contest is held for one nomination for the participants in the age group 15 to 19 years old. Nomination (solo): a classical variation.
      2. To participate in the Competition-Festival it is necessary to complete the online registration form till February 20, 2020.
      3. The administration sends to the candidates a formal invitation that acknowledges the participation in the competition.
      4. The participants and their teachers arrive at the contest in the time-frame, indicated in the invitation. International students apply for visas in the Ukrainian Embassy after they receive a confirmation for their
        participation in the contest-festival backed with an official invitation
    2. The Order of the Competition-Festival
      1. The two rounds are being carried out in public: Prelims(first round) and the Final.
      2. The order in the contest-festival is set by lot for each age group before the first round and stored until the end of the contest.
      3. The assessment in the contest-festival is carried out by a private 12-point scale from the members of the jury.
      4. The final allocation of seats and prizes is carried out at the final meeting by the jury in the light of the results from the 1st and 2nd round. The decision of the jury is final and is not subject to revision.
      5. For all winners and mandatory grant participation in the final concert, hosted by the end of the competition on the occasion of the festival on the program, approved by the jury and exhibitor contest.
      6. Competitors have the right to use cd-rom discs (CD), who, upon arrival at the festival are provided to get in two copies, indicating the participants surname, the names of the dance and numbers on what round it will be
        danced on. The entry must be made on professional equipment and edited.
      7. Participants in the competition-festival should provide soundtracks for each performance separately.
      8. The Organization Committee reserves the exclusive right to broadcast impressions all rounds, the final act of the closure and the concert winners on television, fairgrounds, the recording on the video cassette and their
        further distribution without payment of contest participants, pianists and teachers. The Organizing Committee has an exclusive right to conclude with other parties to the named material contest-festival.
      9. Video, photo, moviemaking or any other organizations, including: vocal qualities, is possible only under the permission of the director.
      10. The participants are allowed to give interviews and be photographed only by accredited members of the press film, tv and radio stations
    3. Financial Terms of the Contest-Festival
      1. The organizing committee of the competition-festival pays for three participants from each ballet school ( excluding ballet schools from Kyiv ).
      2. The organizing committee of the contest-festival provides assistance and financing in providing accommodation and meals (breakfast only) for the contestants of the competition-festival
      3. All expenses for tickets, public transportation etc. participants and their attendants pay on their own
      4. The organizing committee does not provide participants of the competition-festival, as well as their accompanying persons with any kind of insurance
  • The Program contest-festival:

    First round:

    Contestants show classical ballet class and classical variation.

    Second round:

    Contestants perform a single classical variation (you can further demonstrate the ability to perform complex technical elements, such as fouetté (for girls) or grand pirouettes (for boys) ) and a variation on the basis of a modern choreography or a character choreography number for a period of up to 3 minutes.

  • Award procedure and Prizes of the competition-festival
    The winners of Grand Prix Kyiv 2020 will receive the following prizes:
    • participants of the competition-festival who take 1, 2 and 3 places receive the Certificate “LAUREATE” of the competition-festival Grand Prix Kyiv 2020 and are awarded by a valuable prize
    • the title “DIPLOMANT” is given to contestants who take part in the second round by the definition of the jury, also they are awarded with the gift
    • all the participants receive the diploma “PARTICIPANT” of Grand Prix Kyiv 2020 contest and are awarded with a valuable gift
    • the contest provides establishment of special material promotions and awarding by public or other organizations, charity funds, approved by the members of the jury
    The winners of the Contest-Festival “Grand Prix Kyiv 2020” will be awarded the following
    Grand Prix Prize from Volodymyr Malakhov 1000€
    Participants of the competition, which took 1, 2 and 3 places receive the Certificate “LAURATE” contest-festival “Grand Prix Kyiv 2020” and are awarded with a monetary prize
    first place 800$
    second place 600$
    third place 400$
    The competition involves the establishment of special material incentives and awarding awards by non-governmental organizations, charitable foundations, members of jury.

    Special Prize from Valyl Yermilov Foundation for outstanding contribution to the development, promotion and progress of the world art.

    Special prizes:
    • Prize from of Volodymyr Malakhov Foundation: 1000€
    • Prize from the campaign of “Koransha”: 500$
    • Prize from Toshikhiko Takakhashi: 500€
    • Prize from Terada Ballet Art School: 500$
    • Prize from Olena Filipievа
    • Prize from Leonid Sarafanov
    • Prize from Serge Bondur
    • Prize from Hanna Svitlichenko
    • Prize from Grand Prix de la Danse – payment of all expenses for participation in the competition Grand Prix de la Danse in Italy
    • Prize from Classical Ballet Academy, Denver, Colorado – Internship prize for the amount of 23,000$
    • Prize from Kseniya Zvereva for the best performance of contemporary choreography
    • Prize from M&G International Ballet Summer School Dresden
    • Prize from Anna Muromtseva
  • The Jury of the Competition-Festival

    1. Журі здійснює роботу відповідно до ПОЛОЖЕННЯ і має право:

    • присудити не всі премії;
    • розділити премії між виконавцями;
    • присудити спеціальні призи.

    2. На конкурсі працює дитяче журі, що визначає приз глядацьких симпатій.

    3. Вирішення журі обговоренню не підлягають.

    Special Guests:

  • Additional Information
    • each contestant will have opportunity to take part in workshops which will be attended by the leading choreographers
    • each participant will have time for rehearsals in the ballet hall and on the stage before the performance
    • within the framework of the competition “round tables” will be held to discuss issues of the choreographic education, improving the training system of ballet dancers, creative development for children in choreography at
      an early stage
    • the signed application of the contestant is a confirmation that the future participant fully accepts the valid terms
  • Approved variations for participation in the competition:

    – P. Tchaikovsky Sleeping Beauty” (princess Aurora from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd acts,

    all faries from the 1st act and princess Florine)

    – P. Tchaikovsky “Swan Lake” (Black Swan variation from 3rd act, variations from Pas-des-trois by A.Gorsky’s choreography )

    – L. Minkus ‘Don Quixote’ (Kitri, Friend,Lady Variations)

    – L. Minkus ‘Bayadere’ (Gamzatti variation)

    – L. Minkus ‘Paquita’ (Variation from Grand Pas)

    – P. Gretel “Marna Perectoroga” (variation)

    – N. Cherpin ‘Pavilion Armid’ (variation)

    – R.Drigo ”Fairy dolls” (variation)

    – B.Asafyev “Flame Paris” (variation)

    – C.Pyni “La Esmeralda” (variations, choreography by Berezova)

    – C.Pyni “Pharaoh’s daughter” (variation, choreography by P.Lakotta)

    – S.Gyno “Walpurgisnacht” (variation, choreography by L.Lavrovskogo)

    -L.Delib “Coeppelia” (variation, choreography by C.Sergeeva)

    – A.Adan “Corsaire” (variation)

    – A.Glazynov “Raymonda” (variation)

    -G.Shneychgofera “Syphilde” (variation)

    – D. Auber “Classic Pas-des-deux” (variation, choreography by Gzovskogo)

    – F. Chopin “Chopiniana” (variation)

    – P. Tchaikovsky Sleeping Beauty (variation of Prince from 3rd act, variation Blue Bird)

    – P. Tchaikovsky Swan Lake (variation of Siegfried from 3rd act)

    –L. Minkus “Don Quixote” (Basil variation from 3rd act)

    – P. Tchaikovsky the Nutcracker (variation, choreography by V. Vainonen)

    – A.Adan “Staying” (variation)

    – A. Adan “Giselle” (Pa-de-de 1 act variation, variation Albert)

    – P.Gretel “La fille mal gardée” (variation, choreography by A.Gorsky)

    – L.Delib “Coppelia” (Pas-des-deux, the variation)

    –  A.Glazynov “Raymonda” (variation)

    – C.Pugni ”Pharaoh’s daughter” (variations, choreography by P.Lakota)

    – G. Shneychgofera, Herman Løvenskiold  “Syphilde” (variation)

    – R. Drigo ‘Arliqinade’ “Talisman” (variations)

    – D. Auber “Classic Pas-des-deux” (variation, choreography by Gzovskogo)

    – L. Delib “Coppelia” (variation, choreography by S.Sergeev)

    – B.Asafyev “Flames of Paris” (variation)

  • Schedule of competitive days
    March 8
    18:00 Meeting at the Hostel Veselka (foreigners only)
    March 9
    8:30 Meet at the National opera of Ukraine
    9:00 – 10:00 Sortition on the secondary stage
    10:00 – 14:00 Stretch, warming up in small rehearsal hall.
    10:30 – 11:30 Ballet class by Minh Pham for female participants in the big rehearsal hall.
    12:00 – 13:00 Ballet class by Minh Pham for female participants in the big rehearsal hall.
    13:30 – 14:30 Ballet class by Serge Bondur for male participants in the big rehearsal hall.
    15:00 The announcement of the results for girls and boys.
    16:00 – 18:30 The classical ballet variations on the secondary stage.
    19:00 The announcement of the results.
    19:30 Interviews with media representatives and jury members in the new ballet hall
    19:30 – 21:00 Rehearsal in the new ballet hall
    March 10
    8:00 Meet at the National opera of Ukraine.
    8:00 – 9:00 Stretch, warming up in small rehearsal hall.
    9:00 – 10:00 Rehearsing II round on the main stage.
    10:00 – 12:00 The classical ballet variations on the main stage.
    12:30 – 14:30 The modern choreography on the main stage.
    15:30 Announcement of results of II round in the upstairs rehearsal studio.
    15:30 – 18:00 Rehearsal of final performance in the upstairs rehearsal studio.
    March 11
    8:30 Meet at the National opera of Ukraine.
    9:00 – 10:00 Master class from Leonid Sarafanov in small rehearsal hall.
    16:00 – 18:30 Rehearsal on the main stage.
    19:00 Start of performance.
    I act: prize winners performance and awarding ceremony for the winners
    I act: premiere of ballet “Paquita”
    After the concert the members of the jury, winners and teachers invited to a banquet in room 201.